13 OMG Justin Bieber Jail Video Moments
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Will new videos released of Justin Bieber behind bars help... or hurt his DUI case? Let's count down all the memorable moments caught on police and paparazzi tape and decide for ourselves. Let's start at the beginning. 1) Moments before Justin is pulled over, TMZ photogs capture swarms of fans stalking the singer as he attempts to drive down a Miami Beach road. 2) Minutes later... at least 3 cop cars have pulled over the yellow lambo in what is the beginning of what will be his worst night ever. Upon entering the police station, the arresting officer fills out this form explaining why he arrested Bieber. Allegedly the report says Bieber failed " sustaining a horizontal gaze," "the Romberg balance test" "walk and turn," "finger to nose" and "one-leg stand" tests. He states he smelled of alcohol, had slow deliberate movements, and said quote "what the fuck did I do... I ain't got no fucking weapons... why do you have to search me?" That's when the officer arrested Bieber. Bieber is asked to remove his jewelry. He complies. 4) A minute later Bieber expresses concerns regarding someone in an adjacent room. The cop seems to dismiss it. 5) the first layer of clothing is removed, as Bieber takes off his red sneakers.. Then socks. 6) 2:49 Bieber is then forced to remove his hoodie. 7) 2:59, The cop struggles during the pat down and proceeds to pull Bieber's infamously low pants WAY up to properly search all the pockets. Justin Bieber displays no resistance whatsoever. 8)This might be my favorite moment as soon as the cop lets go of him, Justin pulls his pants right back down. The waist line is now back at adequate lowness. 9) Justin is then asked to perform the walk-a-straight-line test. Before walking a straight line, the cop at the bottom of the screen seems to smirk as he texts on his cell phone during Bieb's test. 10) Justin begins the test and immediately loses balance. He gives it a second try and suceeds. 10) After being taken into a jail cell, Justin proceeds to do 23 push ups in 28 seconds to help pass the time. Which is pretty impressive if you ask me. 11) Despite all the drama, Justin smiles in his mug shot. 12) However his smile is gone by the time he appears before a court dressed in this orange jumpsuit.
13)The Bail is effortlessly paid. Justin is finally released from jail and waves to fans in solidarity.

So what do you guys think? Do these videos help or hurt his cause? Did you witness a drunken cocky star dealing with a DUI arrest or a lost pop star humbly accepting his consequences? You decide! Vote below. I'm Miriam Isa, tweet me your thoughts. And the girl who was with him the night of his arrest, Chantel Jeffries, speaks to e! Click right here for highlights of this provocative interview. Thanks for watching, and see you next time!

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