Check out a collection of DIY phone cases that you can easily make at home. They look so cool that your friends will jealous and may even ask you to make phone cases for them also.
Let’s start from stress reliever phone cases that help to relax at the workplace and reduce the level of stress. Phone case with squishy egg looks so cool! Supplies you will need a hot glue gun, white nail polish, a balloon and a small piece of slime. First, take your plastic phone case and make a circle, let dry and cover with white nail polish. After that take a balloon, cut half and insert a slime. After that glue the balloon in the center of the circle. Ready! The rainbow phone case is also cool! Playing with this phone case is therapeutic, meditative process. Besides, it’s so cheap and you have all the supplies at home for sure. Begin with cutting drinking straws to match the size of your phone case. After that, take pliers and lighter to seal straw. Melt the straws from one side as you can see in our video. After that mix water with food coloring and using syringe fill the straws. Don’t forget to leave some space in straws. When the straws are ready to glue one by one straw to the phone case. You will need 8-10 drinking straws for the average phone.
Learn how to make super funny phone cases. For example, a phone case with noodles! Sounds crazy? You will need polymer clay and syringe. Watch our easy tutorial! Check out one more cool idea for girls who love the pink color. You will love this adorable idea!
Don’t forget to check how to make a thermal case to amaze your friends! This minimalistic design will be a perfect addition to the collection of phone cases!

00:09 Fun idea for your phone
03:50 Underwater housing
09:52 Phone case for Starbucks fans
10:07 Phone case with noodles
11:57 Liquid rainbow phone case

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