5 ways to know if a boy is Virgin !! READ DISCLAIMER FIRST !!
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DISCLAIMER : This topic was all about INDICATORS regarding just to GUESS if a boy is a virgin or not, some tips can come to handy to some people to some it may doesn't fit well. We are very well aware of the fact that there is no way that one can find out virginity of one person for sure, as I said in the very starting of the video but unlike boys, with girls there is one physical indicator hymen, which I know can be there and doesn't serve as an 100% proof but if it's there she is virgin like 100% though if it isn't there that doesn't mean she isn't virgin, we have covered this topic in our another video MYTHS ABOUT VIRGINITY AND SEX ( ) you can check it out and feel all cool about that we're not spreading bad info here but just trying to help out people. That's our only motive, that's why this channel came into existence as we have team of professional people to help out, who are suffering from depression and going through hard times in their life and that too without any fees and share stories of people who inspire others, one example of such video is WE FOUGHT CANCER ( ) we highly recommend you to go and see that video, you can check that too in our channel and give us your reviews.

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