Be The Change Collective - Mighty Little Warrior (Lyrics)
Description: Be The Change Collective - Mighty Little Warrior (Lyrics)

thanks to @thechangecollective // The Story Behind the Music:
In the summer of 2017, Sydney Guerrette recruited a few of her friends to help raise $7,000 to grant a wish for a child through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She encouraged her friends to make the fundraising process fun by doing the things they love. Some ran Sk races and wrote fundraising letters, one friend designed a t-shirt to sell, and others baked. Sydney recorded a song and sold it on Bandcamp. Together, over the course of six months, they raised over $7,000!
During an interview with a local radio station, Sydney was asked if she would continue on with her fundraising efforts. About 24 hours later, Mighty Little Warrior was created. This song was written for the Wish Kids who find themselves facing potentially life-threatening diseases. It's a song about their bravery, kindness, and hope-filled hearts. Even through the hardest days, they seek beauty in the smallest things, never taking anything for granted. Sydney performs Mighty Little Warrior and shares the story behind the song while on the road fundraising for
Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana.
Free downloads of Mighty Little Warrior will be given away to families whose children are granted wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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~~ LYRICS ~~
Mighty Little Warrior:

Verse 1:
Distance, between heart and mind
Learning to walk, yet longing to fly
Through open fires and raging storms
Eyes gentle, glancing back full of hope

Feeling the air on your face
Far surpasses any dream's embrace
In one moment, you're without a care in the world
Mighty little warrior, keep fighting on

In one moment, there are no tears to cry Hope pierces through the night
I'll breathe in all these moments in life
Now watch and see as I take flight


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