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World of Our Own:

00:00 Soledad
03:57 My love
07:50 Seasons in the sun
12:00 Us against the world
15:58 Fool again
19:53 I lay my love on you
23:22 Flying without wings
26:58 You raise me up
30:59 Tonight
35:32 Obvious
39:03 What about now
43:15 Swear it again
47:22 Angel
51:45 Beautiful world
55:43 Safe
59:35 Mandy
01:02:56 Miss you
01:06:50 What I want is what I've got
01:10:23 When you tell me that you love me
01:14:21 Uptown girl
01:17:30 What makes a man
01:21:22 Fragile heart
01:24:24 Close your eyes
01:28:58 Unbreakable
01:33:34 Queen of my heart
01:37:53 More than words
01:41:46 If I let you go
01:45:28 I have a dream
01:49:45 Hard to say I'm sorry
01:53:41 Evergreen
01:57:44 Change the world
02:00:54 I cry
02:05:05 If your heart not in it
02:09:25 Lighthouse
02:13:48 Home
02:17:15 Written in the star
02:21:23 Against all odds
02:24:43 When you're looking like that

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