Celebs Who Turned Down Justin Bieber
Description: These Celebs Have Rejected Justin Bieber Over The Years.
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Justin Bieber is used to getting what he wants after years at the top of the pop music scene. He has a bad boy image and makes millions, not to mention those four studio albums, five compilation albums, and over forty singles...basically the young talented star is a heartbreaker. But sometimes his nonchalant attitude and his crime drenched past may turn some woman away. We mean, he does have a pretty stable habit of hitting on any woman he’s been hanging out with. Now that he’s tried to turn his life around and married to the love of his life, Hailey Baldwin, it’s times to reveal what famous celebs turned down the Biebs publicly! The list will astound you. It isn’t only celeb women, it’s also people who have turned him down for gigs, collaborations, and even acting roles! Ready to find out all the times the man who always gets a “yes” finally got a few “nos”? Watch TheTalko as we reveal why Ariana Grande and Leonardo DiCaprio both swagged there finger at Bieber. What went down with Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence? Let’s get going and we’ll tell it all!

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