Cocos Island - The mysterious island in the Pacific
Description: Coconut Island protrudes from the Pacific Ocean as the peak of a lone volcano, far off the Costa Rican coast. At the end of the 18th century, the English author Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have received the inspiration for his novel „Treasure Island“ here.

The tiny island comprises just 25 sqm² and is covered by an impenetrable jungle. Numerous streams, waterfalls and gorges epitomise the world‘s largest uninhabited rain forest island. Due to its isolation, unique flora and fauna have developed here. Today, as a national park and world natural heritage, the island is closely supervised by park rangers.

The outstanding underwater world surrounding the island abounds with marine fauna of every description. Hardly any other destination is as well-known for its countless large fish varieties, especially hammerhead, reef and offshore sharks. The film‘s author submerged to depths up to 400 meters on board the „Deep Sea“, a modern research submarine. During the dive, he ucceeded in shooting material of rare deep sea fish and shark species, which have never before been sighted near Coconut Island.
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