Cola Song || Voltron MEP [Reupload]
Description: *fingers crossed this will work*

Thaaaat's right, it's finally here! The reupload you have all been waiting for!
Aaa, still as beautiful as ever:')

I meant to upload this last night haha buttt I didn't

Let's hope this isn't copyrighted

EDIT: In case you aren't caught up, the reason why you can see that I recorded this off another YT video is because I no longer had the files for this and recorded it off the old video, which I can see, but the public cannot because Dreamworks copyrighted the original MEP.


I've decided to ask a FAQ, since this got so popular.

✨What show is this?
Voltron Legendary Defender! It can be watched on KissAnime, or Netflix!

✨What song is this?
Cola Song by Inna featuring J Balvin!

✨What editing softwares were used?
Sony Vegas and Kinemaster!

✨What is an MEP?
An MEP is a Multi-Editor Project! Multiple editors come together to make a long video for a fandom or multiple fandoms that they adore!

✨How are MEPs made?
First, a host creates a signup, and other editors on YouTube ask for certain parts in the song that is being edited with. Audio is given though media sharing websites like MediaFire and Sendspace, and the edits are received the same way, or downloaded off of YouTube when they are completed. The MEP host then puts everything together, and viola!

✨Where can I find the art at ___?
Many of the editors have posted individual videos on YouTube with art credits. Just search them up on the search bar above and you'll probably find what you're looking for!

✨Is that Gerudo! Lance at 0:31?
Yes, it is!

✨Isn't "ole" from Spain?
Yes, it is. There's not much I can do for that, the song is catchy and that's what mattered to me when choosing it lol
And of course, Lance being Latino lol
I just don't care much for technicalities, let the lyric-writer have some fun haha

If you have any other questions, please ask down below :)


Original Desc.

Ahhhhh I'm so proud of this and couldn't wait until tommorow to upload this so here I am ❤️

Guysssss this is so beautiful thank you so much! Legit I was so worried the entire time this was in the making like uhm might have grown some grey hairs from this

But it's fine, because 2 months later and it's finally here!

Thank you to all these wonderful editors who made this MEP possible, especially Missyni who was able to backup! Kudos to adrien please stop too, who finished their part around four days after having recieved it! Another thanks to honglographology who despite their internet troubles was able to turn in their part, and and extra kudos to nanh, who's done an amazing job at editing for the first time! Everyone did wonderfully, thank you so much!

✨1: Atypical Aspirations || Hunk
✨2: corydalis || Coran
✨3: Missyni || Lance
✨4: door shaped donuts || Lance
✨5: kogayne || Lance
✨6: ElliDeshina || Mix
✨7: corydalis || Klance
✨8: Finna || Keith
✨9: Shipping Lord || Lance
✨10: Missyni || Pidge
✨11: lovitello || Hunk
✨12: ichifurtsu || Keith
✨13: Demonic Studios || Pidge
✨14: Sparklesnoт. || Shallura
✨15: adrien please stop || Hance
✨16: Finna || Allura
✨17: honglographology || Bisexual Lance in love with everyone
✨18: nanh || Klance
✨19: Unova Ships || Shiro
✨20: Missyni || Hance
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