Creature of Destruction (Larry Buchanan, 1967)
Description: Azalea Pictures, 1967.

It Conquered the World and The She-Creature were released as a double feature in 1956. They were remade as Zontar, the Thing from Venus and Creature of Destruction in 1966 and 1967 to bring them into color and onto color televisions.

This movie is unusually terrible. Its only redeeming feature is Pat Delaney. It's not in the public domain, but try The She-Creature first.

Stars Les Tremayne (Dr. John Basso), Pat Delaney (Doreena), Aron Kincaid (Capt. Theodore Dell), Neil Fletcher (Sam Crane), Annabelle Weenick (Mrs. Crane), Roger Ready (Lt. Blake), Ron Scott, Suzanne Roy (Lynn Crane), Byron Lord (Investigating psychiatrist/The Creature), and Barnett Shaw (Investigating psychiatrist). Scotty McKay (Singer) also seems to have his own sub-movie going.

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