How T-Series Got 9000 Subscribers In 1 Second (ANSWERED!)
Description: It seems like there is one more topic left to cover on this T-Series Vs. PewDiePie... thing: How did T-Series get 9000 subscribers in 1 second? Does this prove that T-Series uses a sub bot? I have the answer for you!
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People reported that T-Series gained 9000 subscribers in one second, concluding that T-Series uses a sub bot. After my previous claims to this topic, I have decided to look into this final issue. Does T-Series use a sub bot? Does T-Series have fake subscribers? I mean, 9K in 1 second is a bit odd, but I have the answer for you...

Footage of T-Series Getting 9K in one second:
Does T-Series Use Sub Bots?:
T-Series Detailed Socialblade:
PewDiePie Detailed Socialblade:
YouTube Subscriber Glitch:

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