How T-Series LOST 200,000 Subscribers (ANSWERED!)
Description: Very recently, T-Series lost 200,000 subscribers in one second. This was crazy to see, and gave PewDiePie an even better lead in their subscriber race. But, how did it happen? Is it from possible sub bots being removed? Find out in this video!
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T-Series lost 200K subscribers in one second, making the sub gap between them and PewDiePie even bigger. People have speculated that this is YouTube removing their sub bot accounts, or other spam accounts. This video explains the real reason, confirmed by YouTube itself...

T-Series Losing 200K Footage:
YouTube Spam Forum:!topic/youtube/AWHJfWAsqVk
Tweet From TeamYouTube:
PewDiePie's Tweet:
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Logan Paul Saves PewDiePie:
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