How to Edit Videos Like a Beauty Guru | TECH TALK
Description: How To Edit Videos Like a Beauty Guru | TECH TALK I’m back with part 2 to How to Film Like a Beauty Guru you can watch here: In this video I show you boo’s how to edit like a fabulous beauty guru by using dope plugins, transitions, color correcting, adding music, text and more for your tutorials. There’s a contest attached to this video so if you wanna win some beauty goodies watch, like and share this video, comment below your favorite ice cream flavor then click this link: to enter for your chance to win this contest on Juniper!

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How To Film Like A Beauty Guru:
How to Film and Edit on Your Smartphone:
Special Effects for Beginners:
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How to Build Your Own Home Studio:
How To Achieve Blurry Backgrounds In Photos/Videos:
What Cameras I Use + Why:
How to Edit Sound:


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