Larry Buchanan Guerilla Cinema
Description: In 1991 I was working for Allied+WBS in Las Colinas and producing indie features on the side. I found out that Irving Community Television Network had a community access program in which they gave grants to local producers for programming. I believed I was in the middle of a "historical happening" in Dallas in the early 90s.

I was extremely fond of the filmmakers of the generation before mine who had pioneered the Dallas film comnunity. People like Larry Buchanan, Tom Moore and SF "Brownie" Brownrigg. I also wanted to highlight the work of contemporaries like Greg Synodis. I pitched a 12 episode series, but ICTN only funded three. They were thrown together for virtually nothing, but captured info I felt was of historical value.

When I began working on my book, TEXAS SCHLOCK, I was reminded that this series existed. I contacted ICTN and they located the masters. These 3/4" tapes were non-functional. Their engineer told me we could "bake" the tapes and maybe save the data to a digital format. I agreed to pay for the process. What you see is a record of a the early film community in Dallas Texas. I am proud to have been a part of it. I am posting this video for its academic and historical value.

Bret McCormick, Bedford, TX 2017
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