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Description: Maa Annayya Full Length Telugu Movie

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Movie: Maa Annayya,
Cast: Rajasekhar, Meena, Deepti Bhatnagar, Vineeth, Maheshwari, Ramaprabha, Sudhakar,
A V S, Subramanyam, Chandra Mohan, Nasseer, Brahmaji
Director: Raviraja Pinisetty,
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh , S.Ramesh Babu,
Music: S A Rajkumar,
Release Date: Feb 2000.

The film is a tale of a responsible elder brother Rajashekar, who raises his three brothers who are as old as his sons the hard way. The brothers - Rajashekar, Brahmaji and Vineet - fall into the footsteps of their elder brother and become good family members showering love and affection all around. While the elder brother multiplies their assets, the younger brothers do good in their studies. Brahmaji becomes an SI, while Vineet becomes a doctor. Only the junior Rajashekar discontinues his studies and decides to help out his brother. Everything goes well for them and there are absolutely no quarrels of any kind. All of them look up to their big brother with awe and respect. Naturally. For Rajashekar had sacrificed his lady love, Deepti Bhatnagar, for them. The younger brothers are too quick to fall in love, and manage to impress their loved ones. While the junior Rajashekar falls for Meena, the youngest of the lot Vineet loves Maheswari. Only Brahmaji settles for an arranged marriage with Rukmini. Every time a marriage takes place in the family it looks as if that is going to upset the family applecart. But their wives manage to dissolve their self into the collective consciousness of the family. Spreading mirth and laughter around, they are a bundle of joy. No effort by the external enemies - Devan (Meena's father) and Nazar (Maheswari's father) - to create fissures in the family cuts any ice.

01 – Neeli Ningilo (Happy)
02 – Maa Logili Lo
03 – Tajaga Maaintlo
04 – Maina Emainaave
05 – Kadile Andaala Nadi
06 – Pilla Bhale
07 – Neeli Ningilo (Sad)
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