Meendum Orumurai - Tamil Short Film by Rajesh Rajan
Description: Love can happen post marriage; with another person. The reasons are vital but emphasising a few between the couple could be Lack of emotional closeness, Lack of interest in each other, Lack of communication, Lack of commitment to each other, Lack of understanding and so on. Whatever the reasons are, such a relationship is called as extramarital affair / Infidelity / Adultery

Point 1: In India, The union of marriage has a spiritual, communal and lawful authorization. Infidelity is considered as an offence and is punishable under Section 497 / 498 of the Indian penal code.

Point 2: It may not seem to be gravest of crimes but it does bring out some of the direst consequences. To be vigilant of the consequences, either party may instigate a fierce attack against his/her partner, resulting in a critical fault such as abduction or even murder.

Now, this is one of the most common issues in a Metro / Metropolitan city. A lot of crime cases registered has been drastically high in the recent days.

In order to handle such a situation, a couple needs to frequently communicate, strengthen the credibility and forgive each other. When these 3 behaviours fail, the consequences of this issue is highly threatening.

As an effort of visually documenting this issue, the story is narrated by presenting the emotions of 4 individuals (Jay - Husband, Priya - Wife, Ayshu - Daughter & Raj – Paramour).

Cast and crew:
Assistant Director: Shreekanta
Associate Director: Bandita Bora & Rakesh Karunagaran
Camera Crew: Sandeep Gutumukula, Pramod Kotian & Vishwanath Pednekar
Assistant Editor: Niranjan G Hegde
Equipements & Lights: Chandru
Make-up: Siddhu & Sachin
Production Executive: Shreekanta
Folley & Recording Engineer: Stephen Pratheek
Programmer: Prahalad Prasad
Sound Engineer: Bob T Phukan
Singers: Gayathri Madhan, Sumathi Iyer & Aravind Mukundan
Lyrics: Srividhya TP
Cast: Prabhu Mundkur, Pallavi Raju, Neethu Vijay Kumar, Rajesh Rajan, Sumith Bhowmick, Niranjan G Hegde, Vishwanath R Pednekar, Shreekanta, Narsimha Murthy BS, Chaitra AS, Bhagyashree, Deepa J, Aiyappa
Subtitle: Devanathan
Stills: Avinash Hegde
Graphic Design: Praveen Megalamani
Editor: Guruprasad Narnad
Music: Sarvanaa
Cinematography: Anand Sundaresha & Guruprasad Narnad
Producer, Writer & Director: Rajesh Rajan
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