PewDiePie VS T-Series THE MOVIE (2019) - Official Fake Trailer

If you've been on YouTube at all in the last year, then you've probably heard about #pewdiepievstseries at some point. Incase you werent exactly sure what that was, we made this trailer to catch you up on whats going on. (or if you just want to get hyped as we move into the epic climax)

On the surface it's an all out battle for the #1 YouTuber spot but if you dig deeper, it's much more than that. It's Blue Eyes White Dragon vs. Dark Magician. It's a kid from Sweden vs. an Indian music label. It's b*ch lasagna. It's united the biggest YouTubers in support of PewDiePie, including Logan Paul, Markiplier, H3H3productions and much more. Millions of dollars have spent to keep PewDiePie on top, but even with all that, can one man truly stand up against an entire nation?

#pewdiepie vs. #tseries

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*This video is a parody DUE to its derivative/ transformative nature this video is covered as a Fair Use of material.*
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