Scientists Have Explained Why You Are Still Single
Description: How to Enjoy Life if You’re Single. Who doesn’t want their own happily ever after? Each one of us tries different methods to fulfill this dream. More and more people want to stay single for life, and they have their own version of “happily ever after.” What is the reason behind this dramatic cultural shift? This happens even though we currently live in an interconnected world where you can meet the love of your life through social media or online dating sites. Bright Side will help you unravel this bizarre yet prevalent phenomenon: the rise of singledom.

The singles statistics 1:31
How economics affects marriage 3:10
How our up-bringing affects marriage 4:51
How personality type affects your desire to get married 6:05
Psychological reasons for why you’re single 6:40
How your DNA can affect your relationships 7:25
Relationship myths and why being single can be good for you 8:01


-According to a 2017 survey from Pew Research Center, 42% of American adults are without a spouse or partner. That’s an increase from 39% a decade ago.
-The connection between economic circumstances and the qualities that single adults seek in a potential spouse could be the reason behind the popularity of individualism.
-If you grew up in a loving and supportive family, it would be easy for you to develop trust and not shy away from being in a relationship. If your parents were overprotective or inattentive, you might avoid intimacy for fear of being rejected.
-ENTJ people have impossibly high standards when searching for a partner. INTJ folks tend to overanalyze things, even social interactions.
-Single people might ultimately back away if someone else is interested in the person they like. Your willingness to find a partner can also wither as you get older because you might adopt the negative mentality that no one will be interested in you because of your age.
-Scientists from Peking University in Beijing discovered a gene called 5-HTA1, and it has different versions: the “G” version and the “C” version.
-Studies have shown that singles socialize more with their friends and neighbors than married people. They are closer to their siblings and parents. being single enhances personal growth, autonomy, and self-determination. Some studies have also shown that single people might live longer.

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