The D.O.C. Details Damaging His Voice in Car Accident
Description: - In November 1989, Tracy Lynn Curry, better known by his stage name The D.O.C., was involved in a near fatal car accident after falling asleep at the wheel which damaged his vocal chords, but later changed his fast pace lifestyle, which he claims is the reason he's living today.

The "No One Can Do It Better" rapper says that he was driving through Beverly Hills after leaving a party inebriated and says that he was stopped by police after running a red light. Although, he says he led them on a mini chase, he tells us he was free to go after telling some jokes and taking photos.

"If they'd took me to jail that night, I probably wouldn't be here today." He explained to us that the car accident that happened shorty after altered his reckless lifestyle, "At the rate I was going, nobody could tell me anything at that point."

The 47-year-old recounts falling asleep in his car before he slammed into a divider in which he "flew out the back window of the car and ended up in a tree." He tells us that the accident was so severe that he woke up without his teeth and received vocal damage form medical procedures and actions he took "trying to expedite the health process."

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