Top 10 Best YouTubers 2018
Description: This is the 10 most interesting YouTube channels with the most interesting YouTubers. This list is totally subjective.
Here is a list of the YouTube Channels from the Video:

10) Chris & G Travels - Van Life
9) Tavarish - Lamborghini Project Car
8) Wendover Productions - Random Cool Explanations of well...everything
7) Paid to Drive - Uber Eats, Grub Hub, etc tips
6) Drama Alert - News on popular YouTubers
5) Primitive Technology - Builds prehistoric things
4) Engineered Truth - Career Interviews
3) Mr Beast - Gives away crazy amounts of money
2) Roy Purdy - Dances/Skates and has infectious happiness
1) Gone With the Wynns - They Live on a Catamaran (Boat)

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