Vazquez Sounds Adele Rolling In The Deep Cover Lyrics Urdu Subtitles
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The cover songs for melody queen celebrity Adele has been performed worldwide, specially the popular hit numbers from her album 21 released in 2011. From this album, one of her songs titled Rolling In The Deep was performed by a Mexican teenage girl Angela Vazquez in 2011 has been one the most popular and worth listening cover songs, which she has performed with her teenage brothers, Abe & Gustavo in home based orchestra, established by their father Mr Vazquez, who is a music professional in his home country Mexico. In a telephonic conversation Mr Vazquez informed "My kids have grownup in my music production environment, but I don't formally want to drive them into it. They have produced some musical recordings including Adele's cover song recording for family & friends, but we didn't expect this would attain a good popularity on internet." (part source: Washington Times). These kids, specially Angela's natural vocal ease & tuneful perfection with her brothers on guitar, piano & drum orchestra at their father's music studio Vazquez Sounds has honoured them in attaining worldwide popularity, appreciation & rewards for one of the best cover songs created in tribute to the celebrities like Adele. In her song, the ballad queen Adele has cried out her feelings in tunes that touch listeners' hearts, whereas, this little tribute by Angela Vazquez seems like an innocent admiration to Adele's hard work that this love ballad deserved. This cover song is copyrighted by Vazquez Sounds, Mexico (rights reserved) and the original artwork is copyrighted by XL Recordings Limited, London (rights reserved). For more info, please visit or . The subtitles translation in Urdu language is presented in versified form, keeping in view, meaning remains corresponding to the original idea in source text, as good as possible. Enjoy!

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