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Movie : Vidhata
Director : Harry Fernandez
Producer : Mrs.Pratibha Singh
Written by : Harry Fernandez
Starring : Ravi Kishan, Dinesh Lal(Nirhuva), Pankaj Kesari, Pratibha Pandey, Anara Gupta, Pakkhi Hegde, Poonam Sagar & Others.

'Vidhata' the story is based on the two best friends Arjun -- (Ravi Kishan) & Kishan --(Dinesh Lal Yadav) who are so much emotionally involved with each other and families. Arjun's younger brother Suraj -- (Pankaj Kesari) is in city for his further studies, whereas, his younger sister Radha live along with Kishan and his wife. Kishan Pratap Singh lives happily with his elder brother and sister-in-law. Where, his younger Sister Mahima is in city with Suraj for futher studies.
Arjun Singh and Kishan make an effort to fix Radha's -- (Arjun's sister) marriage. Where, Radha loves Kishan. But Kishan adores her like his sister. Suraj and Mahima are studying in city and are in love with each other. Here, Kishan meets Parvati -- (Daughter of his College Professor) and falls in love with her. Bhawarlal and Arjun become enemies as Bhawarlal tries to rape a girl and Arjun saves her and punishes Bhawarlal. Where, Bhawarlal takes an oath of revenge from Arjun. Unexpectedly, Parvati's marriage gets fixed. Kishan befall disheartened. During the marriage ceremony, Parvati's in-laws demands dowry for which Parvati opposes and her in-laws feels insulted and break the marriage. Where Kishan have the same opinion and holds her and tie the knot with her. Due to which Radha breaks off and commits suicide for the reason that Arjun gets annoyed. Where, Chote Thakur --(son of Jwala Singh) and Bhawarlal does the ploy and declares Radha's pregnant after the postmortem report and the entire blame was put on Kishan, Arjun get so angry on Kishan where they become enemies.

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