Warner Music Group - LISTEN UP!
Description: I want people to steal this video and re-upload it. Favorite, Comment, Rate, and lastly Share this video. If you own stock in WMG you might consider getting your remaining pennies back while you can.



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Stand up and be counted we will not be ignored or silenced.

Soon as I finish this upload I off to look for all of my videos that may have this material in them. By deleting their material we make them go silent, by allowing the muted videos to stay we shame them. Soon the only voices here will be the You Tube community.

I have deleted 8 old videos that I intend to repost here soon as I can recompile them in better format.

WMG signed Artists

Sadly some of them are my favorites, but so long as they hold a contract with WMG I will no longer purchase their products or anything else associated with them.

Some of the labels included in Warner Music Group are:

Warner Bros. Records
Atlantic Records
Reprise Records
Sire Records
Elektra Records
Maverick Recording Corporation

To see the entire list of labels click on this link:

To see the entire list of artists click on this link:

It does appear that Warner has removed all of their videos:

Here a the phone number of of WMG:
212 275 2000

Google and Youtube phone number:
1650 253 0000

Google and Youtube 's fax:
1650 253 0001
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