Zontar, the Thing from Venus (Larry Buchanan, 1966)
Description: Azalea Pictures, 1966.

It Conquered the World and The She-Creature were released as a double feature in 1956. They were remade as Zontar, the Thing from Venus and Creature of Destruction in 1966 and 1967 to bring them into color and onto color televisions.

Stars John Agar (Dr. Curt Taylor), Susan Bjurman (Anne Taylor), Tony Huston (Keith Ritchie), Pat Delaney (Martha Ritchie), Neil Fletcher (Gen. Matt Young), Warren Hammack (John, Zone 6), Colleen Carr (Louise, Zone 6), Jeff Alexander (Rocket Scientist at Zone 6), Bill Thurman (Sheriff Brad Crenshaw), Andrew Traister (Sgt. Magalari), Jonathan Ledford (Gate Guard), George Edgley (Mr. Ledford, Newspaper Editor), Carol Gilley (Alice, Clerk at Zone 6), and Bertha Holmes (Townswoman).

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