how to ALWAYS win an argument
Description: by hook or crook, you can be right even when you're wrong.
In this episode we analyze all the nasty ways to *seem* right to others even if you don't have facts and logic on your side.

The Tricks:
1. Postulate What Has To Be Proved
2. Choose Your Definitions
3. Persuade the Audience
4. Kafka Trap
5. Ad Hominem
6. Absurd Proposition

Follow me! :)

IMPORTANT: this is not a political comment, nor is this a political channel... it just so happened that all the best examples of sophistry exists in politics. Just wanted to state that up front.

Arthur Schopenhauer - The Art of Being Right

Music: (in order of appearance)
Jinsang - times movin' fast
Sim - Sweet Soul
Letsky - I'm Sick

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