iPhone: A Taller Change (Parody)
Description: Proving that size does matter. The feature upgrade you won't be able to miss!


Video Production by Cinesaurus []
Director/Writer: Alexander JL Theoharis []
Producer: Danielle Sparks []
Visual Effects provided by: Cinesaurus []: David Hudson [], Steven Hudson [], David Zimmermann []
Director of Photography/Editor: David Zimmermann of Cinesaurus
Talking Heads (in order of appearance):
Forest Gibson [], Alexander JL Theoharis, Christopher Parker []
Model Actors (in order of appearance):
Liz Leo [],
Bobak Ferdowsi [],
Tara Theoharis [], Cedric Harris, David Zimmermann, Steven Hudson, David Hudson, Kevin Lane, Satabdi Chakrabarti, Danielle Sparks
Prop Design: Liz Leo, Satabdi Chakrabarti
Gaffer: David Hudson
Marketing Support: Tara Theoharis, Forest Gibson, David Zimmerman, David Hudson, Steven Hudson
Channel Producers: Alexander JL Theoharis, David Hudson, David Zimmermann, Tara Theoharis

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