KOTD - Rap Battle - Step Easy vs Anygma | #WD3
Description: @KingOfTheDot - @StepEasy3rdAve vs @FlipTop_Battles
Hosted By :@OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK & @DdubbKOTD
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Making his way across the world to battle for the second time, Fliptop president Anygma was welcomed back by King of the Dot for another World Domination appearance. After his international debut last year, Anygma admitted he did not do as well as he had hoped, but this year he returned, hoping to redeem himself and continue to grow his international fanbase. With battles against battle rap regulars Dirtbag Dan and Aftershock, Anygma also has a handful of matches with Fliptop battlers, many of them over a million views, making him one of the most watched battlers in the world. With his unique style and rapping ability, Anygma is back to take on Canadian battler Step Easy in this World Domination 3 match.
A staple of King of the Dot, Step Easy has been around for a few years, making a name for himself in the league. Increasing his presence and activity recently, Step has been tearing his way through match ups, taking on bigger and better names to improve his abilities. Displaying his versatility in a unique match up with 100 Bulletz in which the battlers could only use MMA related material, Step Easy went on to enter the Grand Prix competition where he eventually fell to the heavy favorite, Arcane, in a hotly contested match. Making his first World Domination appearance, Step Easy takes on international battler from the Philippines, Anygma, in a solid match for both emcees.
@KingOfTheDot - @StepEasy3rdAve vs @FlipTop_Battles
Hosted By :@OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK & @DdubbKOTD
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